Certification Together International Conference (CTIC)

Organized in the context of the Certification Together initiative, the Certification Together International Conference for the Aeronautical Industry is the only event in Europe fully dedicated to System, Software and Hardware certification challenges, organized by and for the Industry.

This is a unique opportunity for you to meet a top-level panel of more than 300 international experts and specialists from aeronautical companies, Certification Authorities, expert and training companies, subcontractors, solution suppliers, engineering schools and R&D labs, during a three-day event. The next session in planned on March 10-12, 2020 in Toulouse, France.

This conference presents the latest information about aviation System, Software and Airborne Electronic Hardware development, approval, and oversight to engineers, designers, developers, government officials, and researchers.

The conference includes presentations and discussions on:

  • Regulatory policy and guidance updates
  • Activities in standards committees.
  • Selected topics in System, Software and Airborne Electronic Hardware

This year’s CTIC will highlight the latest innovations and new challenges the Aeronautical Industry is currently facing: Drones, Artificial Intelligence, Human Factor, Data Security & Environmental Qualification.

Certification Together International Conference is organized to meet the industry's expectations regarding aeronautical certification. The FAA organizes annually the Software and Airborne Electronic Hardware conference in the US. The CTIC is based on the same principles, but is organized by and for the Industry, making it so unique. Worldwide Certification Authorities are invited and will participate.

A special NIGHT EVENT will certainly take place.
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